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What Type Of Hosting Do You Want?

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Just like that it’s your responsibility to choose or get best as well as beneficial hosting platform for your website. If you ignoring the following key points for choosing the hosting platform then, it will be definitely affecting on your website performance as well as your business growth.Fallow the awesome steps for starting your own website or blog.

  • Four things remember before choosing the Web Host:-
  • Should Be Purchased From Well Know Company
  • Mark Up Time Should Be 99.99%
  • Provides Great Customer Support
  • Security Must Be Strong

You learn something every day if you pay attention.

Learning is nothings but enhancing your technical as well as theoretical expertise. If your website developer or beginner then you should aware about the Types of web hosts as well as How web hosting affects on your website performance.

There are number of different of types of web hosts but in this post we will discuss few well known and popular web hosts:-

  • different Types Of Web Host You Should Know

    • Free Hosting

    • Shared Hosting

    • VPS Hosting

    • Dedicated Hosting

    • Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Free Hosting:-

    Free Web Hosting
    Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is a good choice for make website for fun. However you get services is limited compared to paid hosting.

Often in free hosting environment speed is slow, no uptime guarantee. Some companies offer subdomain under them, so require you to have an existing domain.

If you have not existing domain then you want to buy domain for your free website. Choosing relevant domain is most important factor your website. Go with the godaddy and buy it. If you don’t know how to buy domain, read How to choose best hosting platform.

You should have domain name before you receive this services.

Who use this?

If you wanted to build website purely for fun and is not concerned about speed, downtime, advertisement and subdomain then free hosting is could work for you.

Free hosting examples are:

  • Shared Hosting:-

    Shared Hostingq
    Shared Hosting

In shared hosting your server is shared with website owners. Shared hosting is recommended for beginners, new websites, as the most economical.

There are some downsides of the shared hosting. If your hardware/software, bandwidth and your server shared with others then your speed will be slower.

The cost is minimal but prepared for occasional downtime or slow speed.

Who use this?

Shared hosting is suitable for personal website, hobby site or traditional blog.

Some examples of Shared Hosting are:-

  • VPS Hosting:-


It stands for virtual private server.

VPS Hosting is an advanced version of shared hosting. Essential you still share a physical server with other website, but that physical server is partitioned in to multiple virtual servers.

That gets a reserved amount of CPU power and RAM. Unlike traditional shared hosting VPS websites are not compete with each other.

Means that the large amount of traffic is going in to a VPS websites cannot affected to your website.

Who use this?

If you are more advanced user, you have consistent amount of traffic, speed as well as reliability important to you then VPS hosting would be a good fit.

VPS hosting is good for medium to high traffic websites, E-commerce sides and websites have resource intensive script.

Some companies provide VPS hosting they are:


  • Dedicated Hosting:-


In dedicated hosting environment you have the entire web server to yourself.

You do not share with any other users.

Dedicated hosting is recommended for following issues:-

  • You have high traffic
  • resource intensive
  • If you need more security
  • You want more options to you

Downside of this hosting is high cost.

Because your server is not shared with others, so your cost will not be shared and you will be responsible for cost of running this service.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting:-

managed-wordpress Hodting
managed-wordpress Hosting

These companies provide specializes in wordpress hosting.

These services are optimized, configured to provide top notch environment to a wordpress websites.

It provides number of benefits:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Uptime
  • Updates

The employees are experienced and more knowledgeable in dealing with this hosting.

The downside of this hosting is very high cost.

This hosting is not for everyone.

Who use this?

If speed, reliability, uptime and security almost important to you can go with managed hosting

Some examples of Managed Hosting are:

Hosting the website is very important part for starting your business,because the perfrmance of website is totaly affects your business.Before choosing the website first check what type of business do you have and what type of results do you want.Compare above hosting platforms with your online business module and selcet proper and beneficial host for your website.

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