How to protect whatsapp from being hacked

how to protect whatsapp from being hacked

how to protect whatsapp from being hacked

How are you guys Like every day, today I am going to share with you some tips from Anti Hacking Yes, friends can use these tips to protect you from hacking your WhatsApp.

Users of WhatsApp are increasing day by day. According to the January 2017 Survey, Monthly Active Whatsapp Users Around The World is Over 1.2 Billion When so much traffic is on this Messenger application, many Hackers may be working hard day-to-day to hack their data. Do you know that nothing in the Internet World is nominating? Friends can also hack Whatsapp Hacks You may get a bigger sentence for your little mistake. Hackers can complete Detail Hack from your Smart Phone via Whatsapp. Whether it’s your banking application or personal messaging Today we will learn in this article how we can keep you away from hackers.


If you want your Friend, Relative also does not have Whatsapp Hack, then please share this information with them. Link to this post or share it on your social media.


Most insecure is Whatsapp Web Version The case of Whatsapp’s Web Version has surfaced several times. Hacker has tried and lucked many times because of the web version of Whatsapp being insecure. Be sure to follow these tips to secure Whatsapp.

  • Always keep lock in Whatsapp
  • Keep Privacy Setting According to Yourself
  • Always use Update Application: Do not use the old version of any application in Smart Phone. Whenever a Notification of an application comes, do not ignore it, it is most important to the Security Purpose.
  • WhatsApp End to End Encryption: This is a feature of the latest version of WhatsApp, Chat can read Only Sender and Receiver.
  • WhatsApp Web Logout: Use only on Whatsapp Messenger PC or Laptop when you are Personal, Otherwise Ignore. Do not forget to logout in the Cyber Cafe and do not forget to use the Web version. If you have to use it in compulsion, do not forget to logout.
  • File Transfer: In Whatsapp you can send Image, Audio, Video, Text, Location, Contact, pdf file, Word file to each other. Whenever you do a file transfer, you must check that you are not sending any Personal File.
  • Block Unknown Person: Block what you do not know. Do not open the Unknown Person file for error.
  • Always use the official App: Sometimes this happens when the user downloads the Fake Whatsapp application from the Play Store. If you accidentally do this, delete Instant that Fake App. Always use the official App.
  • Auto File Download’s Option Off
  • Never open Unknown File

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