How to post a blog post together in the Facebook Group

ATTACHMENT DETAILS How-to-post-a-blog-post-together-in-the-Facebook-Group.png November 3, 2017 138 KB 900 × 480 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL

ATTACHMENT DETAILS How-to-post-a-blog-post-together-in-the-Facebook-Group.png November 3, 2017 138 KB 900 × 480 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL

If you are a blogger then you must know that it is not enough to just publish the blog post on your blog.

It is also necessary to share it on social media. So people also come from facebook through the blog and read it.

But the most popular in this social media is Facebook and if you have promoted your blog on it and attracted the people there to come to your blog, then your blog will get so much traffic that you do not even think Can have.

Today through this post I will tell you how you can post your blog post together in the facebook group without the help of any software.

Also if you have a Digital marketing agency and you want to reach your prospects through different facebook groups then you have to know how to post your updates in a single click on the number of groups.

How to post a blog post together in several groups of Facebook?

To post your blog post together with Facebook, you must first follow three steps.

  • Joining a group related to your Niche.
  • Receive the email id of all Facebook groups.
  • Send mail to the group’s email id.

But to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook, you have to post your blog post in many groups of Facebook. So let’s first know how to choose the group.

  1. How to select a group on Facebook?

    Choosing a group on Facebook is not a big deal.

    You just take note of the following:

    • On Facebook, just join the group that meets the topics of your blog. Suppose your blog is about health, then you can search on Facebook and join the only the health-related group.
    • When joining the group, be careful that it is a public group, because when you posting it, it will not be public for another member unless he / she is not applying for it.
    • The third and most important thing is that you always join the group with more than 5000 members, if it is not more than a member, and then join the group which is the highest member. Because joining a group with more members, you can get more people to your blog post.
  2. How to get the email address of the Facebook group?

    Now you have to get the username of the group you joined in the second step.

    At the moment it is not a difficult task.

    First, you open that group. Now see the URL of that group if there are any numbers in it, then you will not know their username since the username of that group has not yet been set. Like

    facebook postBut if its username is, then note that username in notepad and save it.

    When you note all the group’s usernames, then write those groups @ groups. next to them. And save it in a text file.

facebook post1


Like the name of the group in the figure above learn Digital Marketing, its email id

Similarly, you get an email id from the entire group’s username.

It’s a bit tricky work, but once you finish it, it will always work.

  1. Posting Group Email to Group

    • Now you’ve joined the group, and have already received the email id of the joined group. Now, if you want to post your blog post in all the groups, then open the email id that you use to sign in to your Facebook id.
    • Now compose a mail from this email. And Facebook groups of email that you have prepared. Copy it into the Bcc of Compose Mail.
    • Allow the subject section to remain blank. And write your blog post in the compose with the hashtag.
    • Now you send your composited email to this. And after that, you open your facebook and open all those groups and see whether the post has happened.


    If you adopt the method described above, you can post your blog post in all your groups in just a few seconds without the help of any software.

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