How to Download Videos From Hotstar?

how to download videos from hotstar

Hotstar is quite an eminent name today. It is like the Indian version of Netflix.

Star India originally started Hotstar for the purpose of streaming Cricket World Cup in 2015.

Their target audience were those, who, in spite of being ardent Cricket fans, could not get time to watch the LIVE matches. For them, Hotstar was like a blessing from God.

Therefore in a very short span of time, Hotstar became a household name. Today Hotstar is a popular digital and mobile entertainment platform.

It has over 50000 hours of contents to offer, that too in 8 different languages. Also, Hotstar streams a large number of latest and old movies, Star India’s own TV shows, Cricket matches, comedy and reality shows and what not!

Though Hotstar is available in both digital and mobile formats, still it has some restrictions. For instance, you must have a fast internet connection in order to enjoy Hotstar.

No matter how much a big fan you are, you just can’t watch your favorite movie without a proper internet connection. Is there an alternative to this? Well, yes, there is.

What if you download those movies already on your laptop or phone? Then you won’t always have to worry about the internet connection.

You can just download your favorite movies in one go, and then watch them as per your convenience. Sounds excellent, isn’t it?

Let’s see how this can be done.

1.Download Videos from Hotstar App

Though Hotstar won’t let the viewers download all the movies, still some can be downloaded.

The method is as follows:

Go to Playstore->Download Hotstar App->Open Hotstar App and search the movie you are looking for->Once you get the movie/video of your choice, click ‘Download” option(You can’t watch this video offline and you would have to watch it via Hotstar. Also this video can’t be shared in any other platform).

There is another option to download the movie/video offline. In that case, you can choose which size would you go for, like 180p,360p,720p etc. Once the download is done in offline mode, you can watch your video from the “ My Downloads” option on the home page of your Hotstar app.

Notably, you can’t download a movie offline without a Hotstar account.

2.Download Through


Open Hotstar web, and search for your desired video->once you get the video of your choice, copy the link/URL and paste it in the website->After getting the video, click “Download” along with required size and quality->It would automatically get downloaded in your “My Downloads” section.

3.Download Via Bluestacks

Fetch file is not the single most effective video downloader. A better name in this list is Bluestacks. It is popular as well as user-friendly.

To download from Bluestacks, you need to use the following steps:

Download Bluestacks application from the official website->Install Bluestacks->Once downloaded, open this app and search for Hotstar, which would take you to Google play store->Install Hotstar on your Bluestacks home page->Now open Hotstar via Bluestacks, search the movie you wish to watch and download it.

4.Download Via Videoder App

This is another app that downloads movies, TV shows, LIVE matches effortlessly.

First download Videoder and install it->Open Hotstar and search for the movie you want to download->Copy the URL of this video and paste in the “Search” segment of Videoder app->Now the Hotstar page will be opened in the Videoder app->You just have to click “ Start Download” option and wait for it to get downloaded.

5.Download via IDM (Internet Download


This is one more way to download movies, it is via IDM.

First download and install IDM->Go to “Options”->Select “File Types” to add an extention->Add “TS” and press “OK”->Search the movie you want to download from Hotstar app->Once you open this video you would get a “Download this video” option->Click on video type, size, extension, and your video would  be downloaded.

Hope this article could give you some ideas regarding download of movies, TV shows and so on. So, don’t be late. Download your favorite movies, TV shows now and start binge watching. For further methods don’t forget to visit our website

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