Local SEO-How to Do SEO for Local Business

How To Do Local SEO
How To Do Local SEO

How To Do Local SEO
How To Do Local SEO

Hey guys how are you? I hope you are satisfy with your business and life.

When talking about the business, most of the businesses are belongs to locally. Like Yoga classes, educational classes, providing services like electronics equipment repairing and so on.

Most and more searches (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses. Local SEO can help you to stand out in the SERs.

I love local SEO because, local SEO plays very important role for local businesses as well as it fights against with the big brands.

For example, if you are running your own business in Chicago and you are business is related to providing massage to both men’s and women’s.

When one of the people who want to get massage for himself and he/she doing some search look like:

“Best massage parlor in Chicago”

If you were already doing your local SEO then your website will be displayed for that query and this particular person will be attract with your website as well he/she will get service from your parlor.

Best Massage Parlor In Chicago
Best Massage Parlor In Chicago


Why Local SEO?

Why Local SEO?
Why Local SEO?
  • It gives you local customers
  • Also it gives you regular as well as loyal customers
  • It also helps you to increase your website visibility, traffic as well as ranking
  • Get found for local search based on your business geographic location

Here I have mentioned amazing steps for local SEO, Follow this steps and grow your business.

Step 1: Optimize you’re About us and Contact us pages.

If you are business present only in one location then, you should properly optimize your contact us and about us page.

In about us page include compete and exact information about your organization or business.

Like established date, experience, short and attractive description about your business.

In contact us page include your exact address, you should also include google map, your contact number, email id and social sharing options.

It will helps customers to easily find your company or business.

If your company have multiple locations, then you can create and optimize different about us and contact us pages for your particular location

When putting contact number one thing always remember that don’t use same number for your regular use and business calls.

For business purpose use separate number for business calls.

Step 2: Put your business name, address and phone number in the header and footer of all pages.

Your domain name should be relevant to your business. Like your business is related to massage then your business name should be look like that:

“Your domain name” Massage Parlor.

Also include your business name on top of the web page that is header and also put your address and phone number at header and footer also.

Because, when after seeing this contact number they tries to contact with you enquiry about your services and business.

Step 3: Use social media to get found locally.         

Social media plays very important role for creating business awareness as well as creating the leads for your business.

According to Mafoi, facebook plays very important for local businesses.’

Use social media like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Linked In.

You can also use What’s up for sharing your offers as well your business awareness. Now days in India, most of the peoples spending maximum time on what’s up and facebook.

Choose what type of media is suitable for your business and do it.

Step 4: Get 5+ local reviews on Google+.

When most famous persons, talking with your business it gets more attraction of new peoples.

Because when people want some service or product they first search for review about particular business.

Get the reviews on google+ by most famous or all other entrepreneurs who belongs to your business.

Google+ Review
Google+ Review

Step 5: Local reviews.

Local reviews have a direct impact on local search ranking, so you will want to spend more time to acquire them.

To begin with, you will want to capture any low hanging fruit by getting in touch with your existing customer base and see if they would be interested in leaving you a review. You could incentivize them for their (maybe a discount etc.).

Step 6: Set up Yelp page and get reviews.

Yelp pages is very good platform for attracting more customers to your business.

Yelp pages are mostly suitable for restraunts, hotels and all other local services provided by different local entrepreneurs.

It’s very easy creating and managing these pages.

Create page, put your companies’ quality images, write description about your business and all other stuff.

Yelp review
Yelp review

Step 7: Local On-Page SEO Factors.

On page SEO is one of the most important factor of Search Engine Optimization.

Read previous posts about:


On page SEO for local businesses helps to get more traffic to your website.

Use thematic keywords just like that:

  • Try to add your city, relevant keyword within your landing page title tag.
  • Try to add your city, relevant keyword within your landing page H1.
  • Try t add your city, relevant keyword within in your landing page url.Try to add your city, relevant keyword within your landing page content.
  • Try to add your city, relevant keyword within your landing page image ALT attributes.

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly, because most of the local businesses are searched for mobile devices.

Step 8: Build local relationship to earn local links.

Build local relationship to earn local links
Build local relationship to earn local links

Link building is one of the most important part in SEO. Earn the local links for your local businesses which related with your business.

For example, if you are running business like repairing the cars and anybody have business like selling spare parts of cars. In that scenario you can get links for that website and you also tell them to refer your company to his customers.   

Step 9: Set up your business on google my business.

Setup your business on google map. When someone search for your business on google map then your business will be easily display on map.

Write description about your business, put companies logo and quality images. Mention your address, phone number etc


Shortage of the capital as well as man power many entrepreneurs can’t do his/her business on national or international level.

But it’s not mean that you can’t do your business or you can’t expand your business. Now a day’s local businesses are very profitable. Because, big brands like flipkart, amazon and other big brands cannot provide services in local level like small villages. So, its good time to start your business locally and get benefit of local customers.

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