6 Steps For Starting Your Own Blog

steps for starting own blog
steps for starting own blog
6 steps for starting website
6 steps for starting website

If you are newbie and you want to create your own blogging website its look like very hard but, still it’s very simple and easy for creating successful and pretty blogging website.

Before starting to learn how to create your own blog first we need know about what blogging is and why it is important and beneficial for your business as well as personal growth.

What is Blog?

When peoples wants to learn something new they come with search engine queries and find your website.

what is blog?
what is blog?

When peoples wants to learn something new they come with search engine queries and find your website.

 If you are not aware about the search engine optimization then read this post.

Peoples want something new compare to your competitor. It’s your responsibility to writing easy and helpful content for user’s point of view.

Who reads The blog?

First understand your targeted audience as well as who are your readers?

Who read blogs? Ask this question yourself.

The blog is specially read by the knowledge seekers, newbie just like you, students as well as professionals.

For example if your blog is about sport bikes then your targeted audience is limited for those peoples who are passionate about sports bikes.

I hope you can understand what blogging is.

So let’s start our main topic.

Choose Niche:

Niche is nothing but a topic. Choose niche which have your interest as well as you have sufficient information about it. It’s very important for choosing topic.

First find your interest.

Many people said that I am interested in particular topic but I have not sufficient knowledge about it or some people said that I have knowledge of that topic but I am not interested in it. So first think that what is your interest as well as knowledge.

Because blogging has one formula look like that,


Successfull blog formula
Successful blog formula

For example if you are interested in gaming and you have also knowledge in it, then you are ready for starting for your blog.

If you are not interested or even you have less knowledge about your niche, then it’s affected in your blog and visitors can’t read your blog or they can’t visit you website.

It’s affected on your ranking of the website.

Please comment your interest and knowledge I will guide you to starting your website.

Select Domain Name:-

Domain is nothing but a unique identity of your website.

One day my friend was asked me why domain name is important? That time I am can’t answer her question. But now I can tell you why domain is important.

Above I am told that domain name playing role as a unique identifier.

Another important factor for domain name is that, your website is located or stored in particular web server and domain name provides the path to search engine for finding your website.

The domain should be similar to your niche.

Suppose if you want to write about the sport bikes then your domain look like that, www.bikersadda.com. The .com or .in these are the TLD’s. TLD’s can’t affect on ranking.

There are number of domain name providers are available. Like godaddy, SEMrush and so on. But I recommend you to go with godaddy and find your domain name available or not and purchase it.

The godaddy provides domain name as well as hosting also.

How to find domain name in godaddy?

godaddy domain name at 99
godaddy domain name at 99

It’s very easy for finding domain name. Just go to the godaddy.com, put your domain name then godaddy will show you what type of TLD’s option are available. Godadddy provides domain name only in 99/month. Does not matter that your domain name has .com, .in, or co.in TLD.

Choose Hosting Platform:

Finding and selecting hosting platform is very hard and time consuming process. But don’t worry I would show you better and easiest way for selecting hosting platform or provider.

Hosting is nothing but getting some storage space for storing your website and its stuff like text, images, videos and so on.

If you are a technical person or you have knowledge about the designing technologies like html, css, javascript, Jquery and you are knowledgeable with any of the development language like Asp.net or PHP then you can go with your own development and choose below motioned hosting platforms.

You are not knowledgeable with above development languages, then I recommend you to use CMS Systems that is content management system.

CMS system is available for everyone who don’t have knowledge of the web technology languages. CMS is very easy for using and it does not require any  type of the programming as well as, designing knowledge.

There are following popular CMS system are available,

It provides one click installation.

In world there are 17% traffic is come from the wordpress websites.

In my website I am using wordpress, so I recommend you to use wordpress for your website

There are number of hosting provider companies which provides free as well as paid hosting platforms.

Free hosting platforms are,

Above mentioned are the self hosted platforms and they are freely available.

But free blogging platform has some limitation. But if your beginner and you want to create blog only for enjoying not for making money then you can go with free blogging platforms like wordpress.com or blogger.com.

WordPress.com provides you responsive and attractive free themes.

Blogger.com is google’s blogging platform.

By default the free blogging platforms come with sub domain of the main blogging platform.

For example your domain is bikersadda, then your domain look like that, www.bikersadda.wordpress.com  or www.bikeresadda.blogger.com.

Don’t worry for sub domain, if you want your own domain then above blogging platforms provides facility like custom domain name. You can buy domain through godaddy and use it in your platform.

When you are think that making money with blog then I recommend you should choose the paid hosting platforms.

Following companies provide paid hosting.

The Hostgator and A small orange are very good hosting platforms, but they take huge money as compare to Hostingraja and godaddy.

All blogging platforms provide domain name as well as hosting.        But you could buy domain through godaddy and choose your affordable hosting platform.

If your budget is limited then you can choose hosting platforms affordable to you.

  • Content Writing:

What is content writing
What is content writing?

After selecting the niche, buying domain and hosting platforms next step is to right the content (blog post).

Many people says that content is the king, some people says that backlink is the king and so on.

But in my point of view,



There are following key points remembering before writing the content:

  • Content should be relevant
  • Content should be unique
  • Content should be valuable
  • Content should be attractive
  • Content should be foolproof.

Content are anything like text, images, videos, infographics, quotes and so on.

Don’t copy content from another website because googles panda algorithm finds this and take penalty to your website or sometimes it could ban your website .

  • Website Optimization:

Website optimization means doing the seo for your website visibility as well as ranking of your website. If you are not aware about the SEO that is Search Engine Optimization then read my post Basic concepts in SEO you should know.

In website optimization includes:

  • Keep Tracking Performance:

    keeP Track the performance
    keep Track the performance

After publishing the post, keep track the performance of your website by using google analytics and google webmaster tool.

If you are not aware or you don’t have knowledge about google analytics then read my post about Ultimate guide of google analytics.

Use top 11 SEO tools for keyword research, competitor analysis and so on.

If you don’t know about how how to choose best and beneficial hosting platform then read my post about how to choose best host?


Developing your own website is easy. But running website successfully is very hard works because there are number of blogs are available and number of blogging websites coming in the future.

If you want some help about developing your own website contact with me via email or write your comment below.

Also write what type of topics you want to learn from me in our next blogs.

Your comments and opinions are my assets. Stay tuned!!!

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