20 Reasons Why Your Business NEED SEO in 2018


It is very popular saying “If it is not present on the first page of Google then it does not exist”. Is this saying completely true? No. Then why it is so popular? Because 70% of the people do not go on the 2nd page of the Google which makes it equivalent to non-existing. As after filing proper gas into the balloon it goes higher and higher in the sky same as a good SEO makes your business goes higher and higher in the market.

The world in which we are living is changing constantly in terms of connectivity and convenience. From cars to phones to clothes everything has changed over a decade. To maintain the pace with the fast moving world it is mandatory for you to be able to adapt to these changes and maintain your position in the market.

You might be thinking why a search engine cannot find my site without SEO. Search engines are quite smart but they need some help for optimization the results. All the major companies in the search engine arena always try to improve their search results to get better data to the users and provide their services to the users.

SEO is meant for all the companies whether they are small companies or giants. Some small companies mistakenly assume that SEO is needed only until the top ranking is attained. This assumption is baseless. The truth is when a website reaches the top page then SEO is required even more to maintain the top position.

Data and information are solely the two main components on which every person’s business or work depends, it is important for everyone out there in the market, as a business have to attempt several times to get the right information at the right time. Otherwise, what’s the use of you having the information at all? That is the time when SEO services come into the action, as SEO will lead you to come at top of the list. Before you select for the best service provider of SEO for your business, why not take a glimpse of the importance, working and advantages of having the best SEO for your website? Have a look –


1.There are people searching for your product and service on the search engine:

Millions of users on a given average day look for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems on the internet every day. If you have the right SEO, your website will pop up in the first few searches. The SEO has the ability to deliver organic traffic to your business website.

2.Be found with SEO:

Why SEO in 2018In the current scenario in which we are living any business must have a website as people check the website to make sure about the authenticity of the business and the product. So to make your business website SEO is the best possible option which can take your business to a whole new level. People are actually looking for the services that you provide.

3.Connects to millions of people at once:

The main motive to start a business is to earn a lot of money. More the people connected to your business more you can earn. Through SEO people connected to your business becomes multiple folded. You can start making money many times as you are earning now with low investment. SEO can increase your website visits by 300%.

4.Want to start new?Start with SEO:

Most of the people at least think once in their lifetime about doing a start-up and want to be their own boss. This chance stands with a proper SEO chances of your start-up become successful increases. There are 40,000 searches every second and 3.5 billion searches per day to your chances of being associated with a large number of people increases enormously with the help of website and SEO.

 5.SEO pulls more people than ever towards your business and service:

Never stuck at a point. Yes, this is the reason behind a successful business. It is important to come on top but it is more important to maintain yourself at the top. Your business keeps on extending as SEO keep your business evolving by the reports, surveys, and suggestion given by the users. Before taking any service from any company most of the customers check reviews which make a considerable impression on the customers. So with positive reviews chances of your business go higher increases to a much high extension.

 6.SEO is the best marketing strategy:

SEO is considered as the best marketing strategy as it saves lots of money which are spent on cold calling and other alternatives to marketing. Small business does not have much money to spend on advertisement yet they know marketing is the key to success for their product and service so they go only for SEO services which give best results with less money. Hence, SEO is a much better marketing strategy than any other.

7. SEO separates your company from others:

Your brand will be among the top brands in the world with the help of SEO so the brand awareness will increase to a much higher extension. Being on the first page of the search engine builds trust since companies on the first page are generally supposed to be more trustworthy than others.

 8. SEO helps in improving your business with time:

SEO makes everything easy for the end user as SEO regularly changes the architecture of the website making website easier to find and navigate. It mainly connects you to the people who are interested in the products and the services like yours. This means SEO also work as a filter between you and the people. So most of the time you will interact with a genuine user.

 9.Local SEO for local business:

WhySEO 3

Local small businesses need local people so local SEO helps in bringing the target customer which help in conversation and providing the services. Customers can review your business, products even can buy them.

10. SEO treats every business of the same type equally:

Since SEO is based on the mathematical algorithm so then is no chance of biasing which simply means the SEO works for each and every person equally based on his or her location. These mathematical algorithms get updated at regular intervals. SEO keeps you up with these updates and help you to respond accordingly.

11. Your business will be alive for a very long period of time with SEO:

SEO is on trend and always will be in trend. Your business will evolve over time so does the SEO. The company which understands the dynamics of SEO does great business with the ever-changing market. SEO spending is forecasted to increase to $60 billion by 2018. SEO spending is likely to be higher than online advertising spending.

12. Best optimization of local business with local SEO:

Market stands on the basis of competition. Sometimes these market competitions are good only for the company and are not beneficial for the customers but most the time these competition lead to the benefit of the customers. But local SEO has less competition. Your competitors will be the business who are trying to optimize for the same local search queries. But in this less competitive market also you have to stand ahead of your competitor so that you can provide product and service to the most of the people in the locality. Further, this means the pool is small so your business can earn number 1 spot for organic ranking for any given term.

13. Be present on the first page with updated keyword:

Whenever any search is done it is done on the basis of keywords. So every single website can find at least a few keywords. As the business changes, customer changes, and in turn keyword changes. To keep up with the SEO keywords must be changed with the time. In the picture presented below it shows how SEO shows the dentist in the most nearby area with their rating, address, phone number, website, directions and other many more stuff that is needed to be present on the search engine for the extension of your business.

14. SEO helps you to be on the first page for long period of time:

SEO is a long-term strategy as it may take 6-12 months to see optimal rankings. If you come in the top ranking of the page then you rarely go down, this happens because of SEO competitions and Google algorithms.

15. Referrals are made with the help of SEO:

SEO helps in website referral, more and more referrals are generated with the help of search engines. These referrals result in the increase in the number of the customers figuratively. With the help of these referrals, people can go to your website directly without any intermediate web page.

16. Be updated be in competition with


SEO helps you to maintain the competition.To maintain your business in the market you have to withstand with your best possible service and product. The competitors are using SEO to grow their business so if you do not shift our business towards SEO then sooner or later you will not have any business.

17. Rule new market with SEO:

Your business can be expanded as SEO helps you to break into new markets. Once the website is optimized then new keywords can be the target of new products or services that you can provide.

18. SEO also involves social media to connect more and more people:

Now social media is the perfect platform to get attached to a large number of people. SEO add more social media followers by giving icons of your business or the company on social media, by clicking on the icon people start following you and they get regular updates easily.

19. SEO improves the security of the business:

Security is the prime concern of any business. SEO force you to make your website safe and secure. This will prevent fraud visitors and viruses. Secure website influences SEO ranking so it will boost the ranking of your business. With the help of these security measures, unwanted web pages and advertisements of other product and services can vanish from your business website.

20. Look unique from others with SEO:

There are likely to be 250 million websites present on the internet so SEO helps you to stand out. An average person does not know what most of the internet offers. So your business website has to compete with a great number of websites to pop up on the first page, SEO helps your business to stand out of 250 million websites.

How SEO works?

  • Increasing traffic to your website is the main work of SEO. They take in high-level consideration like keywords and complex considerations too like Meta descriptions and tags.
  • The SEO tool employs mathematical equations (algorithms) to sort which post should be at the top using the basics that are set as criteria.
  • It uses a sequence of SEO metrics, including indexed content, Alexa rating, inbound links, domain age, and social media following among others. With the help of it, your company’s popularity and uniqueness will be compared with that of competitors to be able to give you a ranking.

You might be thinking why a search engine cannot find my site without SEO. Well, search engines are pretty smart, but they do need some external help. All the major players in the search engine arena are always trying to improve their search results to get better data to the users.

Now that you have quite a knowledge of SEO and its working so let’s start and choose the best SEO Services to grow your business better in 2018. To ensure that the SEO which you are using is really the best and the most effective technique, to test this you can have a look at the ranking of those websites on which this SEO has previously worked on. So people get going before it is too late for you to set the right standard.SEO is capable of delivering nonstop organic traffic to your business website and is the best way to become the king in the ever-changing market.

Author Bio:

Vidyut Joshi Project & Service Delivery Manager at Perception System, a leading SEO Services Provider Company, founded in 2001.

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